New Instruments

A customer looking for a new instrument faces a difficult choice. Which model will suit him/her best? We offer our help in discussing and choosing an instrument with the right character, an ideal sound and a pleasant appearance. It is highly recommend to try a few different instruments before choosing one.

The sound of an instrument varies a lot according to the model used. With our violins we have had favourable results with models of Stradivari,Guarneri, Guadagnini, Bergonzi, Seraphin and we are constantly seeking new interesting models to try out.

Models for viola vary a lot more. There are different sizes and models and choosing the right one is above all a matter of comfort and taste of timbre. We have experience of several Italian viola models.

During the last years Elina Kaljunen has been concentrating on making violins and especially copies meanwhile her husband Ulrich Dürr has specialized in making cellos of excellent tonal qualities. We make violins,violas and cellos either in modern style or in Baroque versions.

We take comissions according to the customers needs and there is a range of new instruments to try in our workshop.


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