Work Experience

Mrs. Elina Kaljunen (b. 1970) built her first violin in 1991. She started her studies in Finland, in the Ikaalinen Handicraft School of Instrument Making. In 1992, she became a student of Cremona International Violinmaking School, Italy. Her teacher in Cremona was Maestro Giorgio Ce'. After graduating from Cremona she moved to London and studied restoration and copying of old instruments in the Workshop of Master John Dilworth. She plays violin herself, which has had an important impact on her working. From 1998 onwards, Elina Kaljunen has been a self.employed violinmaker in Helsinki,Finland.

Mr. Ulrich Dürr (b.1967) built his first violin at the age of 16. In 1988–92, he attended the Cremona international violinmaking School in Italy, studying under maestro Giorgio Ce'. He completed his studies by taking a course in bowmaking in Cremona, and by working for bowmaker Emilio Slaviero. In 1996,Ulrich Dürr started working for Risto Vainio's Workshop in Helsinki,Finland.In2004, he joined his wife Elina Kaljunen in her workshop in Helsinki.

Both Mrs. Kaljunen and Mr. Dürr are members of The Guild of Finnish Violinmakers and BVMA.


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